Internet Copyright Registration / Infringement

Taking Down Infringing Content Online

Our firm handles every aspect of copyright law, from registering copyrights for content to enforcing copyright law online via the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and, when necessary, litigation.

Internet Copyright Registration

If you have created original content we can register your content with the U.S. Copyright Office so that it may be protected against infringers. There are significant benefits to copyright registration, including statutory damages in the event of infringement.

If you are looking to register a copyright for your work, let our firm help you.

Internet Copyright Litigation

We often hear “someone has copied my website” or “someone has stolen my content and posted it somewhere else.” If this has happened to you, our firm can seek to quickly and inexpensively have the offending content removed, Our firm is well-versed in copyright law on the Internet and will use that knowledge to your advantage.

Usually, our first step with Internet copyright infringment is to seek to have the content removed quickly and cost-effectively via a DMCA Takedown Notice. In the event the content cannot be removed via a DMCA takedown, we are able to move forward with Internet copyright litigation.

When necessary, we will represent your company in a civil lawsuit against the infringers to recover damages. Damages recovered may be augmented based on copyright registration. Our firm can assist you with copyright registration. 

If you believe your content has been stolen or your copyright has been infringed, please give us Andrew Cabasso | Attorney At Law a call today at (631) 606-0052.