Internet Litigation

Representing you in all online disputes

Our firm is experienced in all forms of Internet-related litigation and disputes. We are knowledgeable on all areas of Internet law and use our knowledge to counsel you to the best course of action resulting in the quickest, least expensive resolution. Our clients often seek to have copyright infringing or defamatory material removed from the Internet and we may be able to achieve this quickly and inexpensively without Internet litigation.

Often you may obtain a remedy that avoids the courts and obtains the desired results of removing infringing or defamatory content or transferring a cybersquatting domain to your company. However, in the event Internet litigation becomes necessary, Andrew Cabasso | Attorney At Law can effectively represent your interests seeking that you obtain the outcome you deserve.

We effectively represent our clients’ interests in all forms of Internet litigation disputes including:

Our Internet law practice is also skilled in dealing with cybersquatting domain arbitration proceedings with ICANN.

To ensure you and your company’s interests are represented effectively and professionally, call Andrew Cabasso | Attorney At Law.


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